Perianth Farm and Flowers

Bouquet Care

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Flowers are living things,

They are perishable & their beauty is fleeting. But with a few special bouquet care tips, you can give your bouquet a longer life!

  • Place your bouquet in a clean vase or jar as soon as possible! 
  • When you arrive home with your bouquet, cut the stems a 1/4-1/2 inch before placing into water. This fresh cut will help them absorb as much water as possible.
  • Give your bouquet fresh water daily! Good practice is pouring out old and refilling with new water. Best practice is starting in a new vase with new water, or washing the current vase with soap. If bacteria starts to grow it will dramatically shorten the life of your bouquet. 
  •  When replacing the water for your bouquet, also give your flower stems a lil' trim. 
  • Keep your bouquet in a moderately cool room. When flowers get hot, they wilt and absorb more water.