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Our farm

On a hot summer's day while working at Montgomery Place Orchards, Kate got into a conversation with a friend who was exploring the option of sharing her land in the 2018 growing season. As they conversed about the possibilities, Kate's head began to spin. On her drive home, she swung by Hearty Roots Farm to tell her friend Nadine. The two had often talked about starting a farm as they worked together in the fields; Kate would grow flowers and Nadine herbs. Kate turned to Nadine and said, "I think I found us some land." 

With each seed packet that arrived in the mail, their farm partnership was becoming reality. Kate and Nadine bring to Perianth a host of differing skills and a united vision: to grow for beauty, health, and autonomy.  

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In our first growing season, we are so excited to have the opportunity to make lasting connections with our community, to grow plants with strong healing properties, & to be a part of the ever-evolving landscape on Hapeman Hill Road. 

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Kate Farrar

Kate was initially drawn to agriculture aesthetically. She explored the movement, task, light and lines of farming through her photography. Finding so much beauty in the work itself, she wanted to be more than an observer. And so her career in agriculture began.

She completed a farm apprenticeship at Foxglove Farm, and then moved onwards to work at Hearty Roots Farm in the Hudson Valley. Kate worked as a manager at Hearty Roots for 3 of her 4 years there. It was there that she refined her knowledge of diversified vegetable production and was connected to the rich community of farmers in the Hudson Valley. 

As she embarks on her debut project with co-owner and operator Nadine Proctor, Kate is thrilled to be merging her knowledge of farming with her aesthetic eye though flower production, photography, and floral design.

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Nadine Proctor

Nadine is a long time Wine Director with a degree in Biology who understands the power and potential of the vine, the herb, the flower and the earth. She was told long ago, “Great wine is made in the field,” a quote that stuck with her and helped to shape her decision to shift her focus to the agrarian side. After a year of mid-scale practical farmer training, followed by experience in diversified vegetable and herb farming, Nadine is excited to launch her debut project Perianth with co-owner and operator Kate Farrar. 

In this incarnation of her life, she has chosen to grow the staples on which we rely to heal us, feed us, and bring us immense joy. 


Our Community

We live in a community of kind, talented, and inspiring people here in the Hudson Valley. Though some folks have had more direct contact with the creation of Perianth than others, we believe that every interaction since we've arrived in the Hudson Valley has brought us to this moment. We have much gratitude for the network of creativity that allows entrepreneurship to exist here.

And as for the folks who have fielded questions, given advice, had opinions, created logos, edited copy, shared land, agreed to buy, workshopped names, lent books, made space, spent time, donated money, and gave pep talks; we would not be here without you. Our gratitude to you (you know who you are) is beyond words.