Perianth Farm and Flowers




Perianth Farm & Flowers needs your help to GROW! From March 17th until April 28th we will be fundraising for Perianth Farm's first year through Indiegogo!

Visit our Indiegogo Campaign!

Start-up costs for a farm are high! The first year of starting a farm poses a challenge because we need to purchase supplies without the profits from a season prior. We are purchasing seeds & bulbs, potting soil & greenhouse supplies, compost & fertilizer, landscape fabric & trellising gear, harvesting supplies & a walk-in cooler! All of these are critically important tools and supplies for Perianth that will allow us to provide the highest-quality products. We have the fortitude; we just need your help in whatever way you can give it!

Supporting our project does not necessarily mean that you give money. If you are able to donate equipment, pep talks, hugs, or simply share our information and/or our campaign we encourage and welcome this assistance!

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