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Our heritage breed, pasture-raised pigs live in the wooded acres that surround our farm. Here they happily roam in the woods, where they graze freely for wild plants and bugs in addition to eating Organic Stone House Grain.

With help from our friends at Flyaway Farm & Fungi, Kate will raise 6 pigs at Perianth Farm that will be sold as Pork Shares come mid-late September.

Retail costs per cut of Pastured & Organically Fed Pork range from $9-$18 per/lb. When our customers purchase in bulk by buying a Pork Share, we can value our pork between $9-$15 per/lb. 

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Pork Shares 

Each of our Pork Shares will be made up of a variety of standard cuts amounting to the value of each share. The shares will consist of bacon, pork chops, ribs, shoulder roast, sausage (breakfast, sweet, chorizo, hot, ground), smoked ham steaks, hocks, lard, and soup bones. Specialty cuts can be added to Pork Share upon request and availability, they will be subject to an additional charge.  

When you purchase a Pork Share, you will receive your meat all at once on a designated day and pickup location that we will coordinate with you. The cuts in your pork share will come individually packaged, frozen, and in a box made up just for you. Shares will be available for pick up in Mid-September. Deposits for shares will be due prior to final purchase, we will send out an email to you when they are required to complete your reservation. You can either pay in full at that time or in two chunks - up to you! 

Please choose your location below to find out more information about our pork share options.