Perianth Farm and Flowers

The Flower Shop

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The Flower Shop @ Suarez Family Brewery

Suarez Family Brewery is hosting Perianth Farm's Flower Shop for the 2018 growing season! Join Kate & Nadine every Wednesday during Brewery hours (3-7pm) from June 13th - Mid October for bouquets and beers! 

At our flower shop we will be distributing our Flower CSA in addition to selling our flowers in bouquets of three sizes:

itty $15 - Your bouquet on the go! This itty bouquet fits perfectly in your hand. Cheerful & bright.  

lil' $20 - Not too itty, not too big, this lil' number is our medium sized bouquet. Perfect for a table.

big $25 - Our big bouquet makes a big statement. A bouquet for the most festive of occasions. 

custom $30 - Our custom bouquet will be made on site to order. You pick the seasonal flowers, we'll make you your perfect bouquet. 

Perianth Farm Bouquet Card - $50

Pre-ordering is nice, but not necessary. To do so, please email us at